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Useful info

Useful information about Ski taxi


It is the patient office that orders a taxi. In the box below, you can read more about your local patient office.


Order via 05 515

Your patient travels goes throught  Pasientreiser Contact your local patient office at 05 0515.

If the taxi is late, call the same number. Which type of car is best suited for your need, is decided by your doctor or similar and by the patient travel office.


Public health aids enter into agreements with the taxi services on tenders subject to Norwegian law on public procurement.

Ski Taxi  transfers to and from hospitals, medical offices and other treatment centers 24/7.  We have prox. 10 000 such travels a year. 

See Pasientreiser 


 Konsentra AS is the principal for school driving. See more information in the box below.


Konsentra AS 

Konsentra AS er oppdragsgiver for skolekjøring. 

Ønsker du som foreldre eller skole å gjøre endringer for enkelte elever? Se  Konsentra AS eller ring: 24 20 20 33


Døgent rundt

Ski Taxi har 1-2 personer til enhver tid som planlegger skolekjøringen, slik at vi kan ligge i forkant av alle endringer i kjøringen.

Velkommen til skolekjøring.


Ski Taxi emphasizes having safe and comfortable cars at your disposal, regardless of your needs.

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Ski Taxi emphasizes having safe and comfortable cars. We have a car park of 39 cars.

Maxi taxi

We have the capacity to carry more passengers at a time and can carry between 5-16 passengers.

You can order at 64 91 15 00 or use the call button via mobile (remember to enter the number of people, different stops, addresses, etc.).


Taxi for disabled people

Ski Taxi has cars that can handle all types of wheelchairs/walking chairs.

Tell us what you need when you order.


Courier services

Do you need to pick up or deliver smaller packages? Contact Us!.


Our taxi is located in Ski centrum ans close to Ski Train Station. This is one of the stations on Østfoldbanen.


We have a stop at the following places:

Ski station, Vevelstad station and Esso Nordbyveien.

Ski taxi is ready to drive you to and from Ski station.


In the text box below you will find various useful links on the web that can make everyday life a little easier.


Oslo airport
Oslo Lufhavn Gardermoen 

Taxi at Oslo airport

Norges Taxiforbund

Local municipalities
Enebakk Kommune 
Frogn Kommune
Nesodden Kommune
Oppegård kommune
Ski Kommune
Vestby Kommune
Ås Kommune



NB! If you get an error message on one of the links, it’s because our site is encrypted and secure for your benefit. Alternatively, search for the name in Google.


Below you will find the terms and conditions that apply between you and us in what you use our services.


The terms of transport are the terms of agreement between the traveler and the taxi driver.

In all circumstances that are not regulated here, Norwegian law will apply.

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